I Have a Secret!

It’s not a bad secret! It’s just a me-secret! The secret is that I have this blog that I do this Slice of Life Writing Challenge on. My husband doesn’t know. My boys don’t know. They see me writing every day. My husband knows that I have written about him and the bakery. He doesn’t know I publish it on a blog. That it’s open for the world to read! I just want to keep it to myself a little longer. My boys don’t know either. My youngest walks past me while I write but never really says anything. He probably reads over my shoulder, but how do you know? Teenagers are not much for conversation. I could ask him, I suppose.

I had been toying with the idea of blogging for a few years now. I saw this challenge and it was my springboard. It was my catalyst! So I have found myself writing for 20 days now and I really enjoy it. It forces me to sit down and reflect on my day and my life. Kind of like when you take college classes. You have to be in the moment to do all this writing for these classes, especially if you are working on your Master’s thesis. I enjoyed that. Now I find myself really enjoying this. 🙂 I still am not going to share with my family yet! 🙂


Author: ineverleft4thgrade

Daughter/Wife/Mom/Business Partner/Teacher/Sister/Friend I love to learn and to try new things! Follow me @sroeck319 on Twitter.

9 thoughts on “I Have a Secret!”

  1. It sounds like a fun secret for you. On the flip side, my middle son not only knows about my blog, but follows it along with me. He checks in to make sure I’ve posted and comments. He spurs me on in the challenges. He asks about & reads some of my posts. He knows I’ve written about him & is okay with that. This is new to me as well, but you and I are having very different “new to blogging” experiences. That is fun to me, that there is no one way to “do it right”, but rather we can each create our own way. Enjoy your secret for as long as you choose to keep it secret! And happy writing!

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  2. How fun to have this blog all to yourself for the time being! I don’t publicize about my blog much either, unless I’ve written a post I really want a particular person to read… It just doesn’t seem totally necessary to post it to social media or wherever for just anyone to read!

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  3. That’s funny! I read my blog to my husband as a proofer and the first year that I blogged it inspired my then second-grader to write with me. Now she doesn’t really want to. Sometimes it’s nice to have a secret!

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