So Tired…

I don’t even know what to write about tonight. I am tired! I am reading people’s blogs and I don’t even know what to comment. That doesn’t normally happen to me! I always have something to say!

I think I am so tired because for the last 4 weeks, I have been super busy. Something going on every night. You know how this goes. So much to do at work. And at home. Then more people call and you agree to do more. Am I right?

Tonight was the end of my work-induced busyness. I am so glad! I also said “No!” to something this week at work. Those are big steps for me. My boss even said that it was. 🙂

So now I am going to go to bed. I am going to do some stuff for myself tomorrow. I may even shop a little. I could use some new work clothes. I hate to sit still. 🙂


Author: ineverleft4thgrade

Daughter/Wife/Mom/Business Partner/Teacher/Sister/Friend I love to learn and to try new things! Follow me @sroeck319 on Twitter.

7 thoughts on “So Tired…”

  1. It is certainly that “tired” time of year…although, sometimes I think ALL year is tired. Teachers pour so much into their work that they are always on the verge of a yawn–not a bored yawn, an exhausted one. It took me many years to say “no” and be okay with it. Kudos to you! Enjoy your weekend.


  2. i’m glad to hear you said “no” to something, though I certainly know how hard that can be. Especially when there are so many things you want to do, it can feel like you need 40 hours every day for a month or more to do all of them. But when fatigue takes over, you can’t enjoy what you thought you would, and those tasks you thought would be enjoyable become tedious. It’s definitely time for a rest — you deserve it.f

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