Hey Mom! What’s for Supper?

This always seems like my teenage sons’ mantra. Anybody else have this problem? Does anyone have a solution? I don’t really.

I have tried meal planning. You know, like laying out the whole month, grocery shopping for the whole month, and then losing your plan.  I just can’t seem to stick with the plan. Then I tried a week at a time, but then I forget that we weren’t going to be home on some nights, and then days get pushed ahead into the next week and then I just am not feeling those meals. Does this happen to you?

I recently had an epiphany. My meal planning is a lot like my lesson planning. I plan out the whole month, casually. Then I really plan out a week at a time, then stuff happens that I didn’t plan for and then I just am not feeling those plans anymore so I completely switch it up. Woah! So now what do I do? Nothing! Life is about being flexible. If you can’t be flexible then you are going to be in a world of hurt. You just create more stress and anxiety in your life if you really think those plans need to be followed to the “T”. I feel bad for new teachers, because I think a lot of them feel this way, and we veteran teachers are kind of like, “meh”  with a shrug of our shoulders.

Don’t get me wrong. I have plans. I am not a free-for-all type of teacher or mom. I do not procrastinate. I just know that after years of planning and teaching, life happens. We all need to remember this. Some of my fellow teachers, even the veteran ones, have a hard time letting go. I feel bad for them because there are lots of innovative ways to teach nowadays and they are stuck in what they have always done. There is so much out in the internet world to try in the classroom, so many great ways to teach.

Another epiphany! If I don’t know what to cook that night for supper, I pull it off the internet. I love trying new things. I have found many new favorites off of Allrecipes.com. I think my family appreciates this, just like my students do.

So I don’t really ever have a solution of how to keep food in my teenage boys’ bellies, but I do try. I think this will be an ongoing battle. I wonder what I am going to make for supper tonight…



Author: ineverleft4thgrade

Daughter/Wife/Mom/Business Partner/Teacher/Sister/Friend I love to learn and to try new things! Follow me @sroeck319 on Twitter.

6 thoughts on “Hey Mom! What’s for Supper?”

  1. As I read this, my 24 year old is cooking risotto with asparagus and mushrooms for us tonight!! I feel very lucky!! Because I usually have your problem. I try to cook ahead on the weekends which sometimes works. Tonight, I am happy that I have another cook in the house and she has time on her hands. I’m going to try the website you mentioned!

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  2. Oh my goodness, you just spoke to my soul – both about dinner and teaching. My greatest creations in both have arisen out of ‘whatever is in the fridge’! And having almost survived a teenaged boy, just always be sure you have pasta stocked up. The rest is easy.

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