A Game Changer

I thought I was going to write about my choice of mentor text and how I met the author, Jacqueline Woodson. I really didn’t have enough for one blog though. So I moved on to how my coworkers and I had a very pleasant meeting today where we shared our knowledge, commiserated a little, and then left the meeting totally satisfied because our anxiety levels went down, a little. Then my Tuesday night happened.

My husband and I were invited to attend a police officer swearing-in ceremony of a very good friend of ours, B. B is 22 years old and just a great guy. We both felt pretty privelaged to be attending. His police chief, another very classy guy, handles public speaking very well. The police chief gave a little history of the swearing-in ceremony and described how police officers have been getting a bad rap lately, but he was so pleased to have B join his squad despite all of that. B then had to recite an oath. The oath made me think of how privelaged we all are to have so many great people defending us, upholding our laws, and protecting us. Those are the real heroes. My heroes are not people who make movies for a living or play a great game of basketball.  Heroes come from all walks of life but are real people.

I decided to include a little background on B. B started training to be a police officer right out of high school. Then he quit. He did join the volunteer fire department and become an emergency medical technician. He also is a county dispatcher. Then Trevor was killed. Trevor was a very close friend of B’s. Trevor trained to be a police officer at almost the same time B did. Then he went to police academy because he wanted to work for the county or the state. Trevor was hired in Fond du Lac County as a state trooper. He finished his on the road training, and it was on his first solo day.  That same day, there was a man that had robbed a bank about 100 miles north of Fond du Lac, shot at people, hijacked a car, killed the driver and then took off. He had been spotted traveling south. All police officers were told to keep their eyes peeled. Trevor spotted him in Fond du Lac while on his first solo tour. Trevor was killed in a gun battle by a richocheting bullet. Trevor also killed the bank robber. His colleagues went through hell that day trying to keep him alive while rushing to the hospital. His parents and family went and are still going through hell because they are never going to see their child again.  About two months after this all went down, B decided to go back to school and finish up his degree.

As I reflect on my Tuesday night,  I know that it meant a lot to B for all of us to be there but I think it meant even more to me to be invited.

The <b>Law Enforcement</b> <b>Oath</b> of Honor is printed with the same process and ...


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2 thoughts on “A Game Changer”

  1. Thank you for sharin g this. My week last week contained a game changer as well. Doesn’t it bring a flood of thoughts, emotions, and changed perspectives? My heart goes out to this young man’s family and friends–and also feeling so thankful for his service to the community.

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