Netflix Binge Watching

Hi, my name is Sandra and I have a Netflix binge watching problem…

About two years ago I gave up on cable television. I was so irritated with having to pay more than $150 a month for television that wasn’t being watched. I then set up getting antennas, one pointing toward Milwaukee and one pointing toward Green Bay. I also set up getting Roku for two of our televisions. We also bought a Smart TV for our main living room. This was one of the best things we could have ever done. Of course, this initial investment was an expense, but I think we are much further ahead this way. We can watch regular tv without having to pay for it.

Then we ordered Netflix! AAAHHHH!!!! Talk about feeling the freedom! We can watch regular tv without having to pay for it. It does cost me $7.99 a month for Netflix, but I am ok with that. I think we are much further ahead this way. We are also Amazon Prime members so we have a lot of choices on that interface as well. Since we now have so many choices that we can watch anytime and for as long as we want, I think we find ourselves opening up with what we watch. I was never interested in British television shows, but I have now binge-watched Midsomer Murders, Murdoch Mysteries, Doc Martin, etc. I have rewatched movies of the 80s, and 90s including movies of the 40s and 50s. Those are my favorites. The possibilities are endless!

My husband wasn’t really keen on changing out of his cable habit. He had been paying for cable forever and didn’t want to change. He isn’t even much of a tv watcher. So yet another reason I couldn’t see paying for cable. So, I just went ahead and did it. Now that he is used to Netflix, he too has found plenty to watch when he does watch tv. Through Roku he can even find hunting shows.  He even hooked up Apple TV in our workout room.

So the moral of this story is…sometimes we don’t like change, but it could be for the better for our pocketbook and ourselves. 


Author: ineverleft4thgrade

Daughter/Wife/Mom/Business Partner/Teacher/Sister/Friend I love to learn and to try new things! Follow me @sroeck319 on Twitter.

7 thoughts on “Netflix Binge Watching”

  1. Funny – we were just having this conversation with our adult children on the weekend. They were all talking about how much money they save not having cable and using Netflix and streaming on Comcast. I made the comment to my husband that we should do that too. Simultaneously they all said, “NO! We use your cable to stream our shows!” Now how does that happen?


  2. Oh, I so wish we could make that change. We live too far out in the country for internet that would support these type of services. Instead, we pay far too much for a service that continues to grow in price. Sigh….

    I think you’ve found a system that works — and think of all the money you are saving! $$$$



  3. We had Netflix and then my hubby cancelled it. I was doing the same thing you were. Watching shows that I had never seen or heard about but with such easy access why not? Thanks for putting a smile on my face tonight!!


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