Yes, I am the Youngest…

I have 3 sisters who are all substantially older than me. My oldest sister is 16 years older, then another sister that is 15 years older and finally one who is 11 years older than me. I was what you would call an “oops” or an unplanned pregnancy. I prefer to think of myself as the “one-they-were-waiting-for-because-they-didn’t-have-it-right-yet” child. I tell my sisters this all the time. I heard the usual about how I was adopted, the mailman dropped me off, and my personal favorite, I was the product of a drunken night. 😉 Yes, I have taken a lot of crap over the years, but I can sure dish it out, as well. That is what our sisterly relationship is about. We give each other a lot of grief, but we also support each other through thick and thin.

Since I am the youngest, some of my first memories of were my sisters dating, having friends over and getting “talked” to by my parents. I learned from their mistakes, most of the time. My mother was 40 when I was conceived and 41 when I was born. I am now 42 years of age. I told my mother that I give her a lot of credit for having me when she did. I don’t think I could start over now myself. That is basically what my parents did. My children are finally old enough to be left along, starting to drive and thinking about their next steps in life. And then to start over??? Holy Macaroni! I certainly would do it if God decided that that was what I needed, but my whole world would be turned upside down, just like my parents’ was. Can you imagine?

The big joke always was that I was conceived in January after a friend’s wedding with some heavy libation intake. The drunken night, remember? It was only recently that I set one of my sisters straight. I reminded them that a woman is actually pregnant for 40 weeks or 10 months. Mom was probably already pregnant at this wedding and didn’t even realize it, I declared. My sister didn’t know what to say then. I love setting her straight! So that just supports my theory that my parents unconsciously were trying to have another child,  the “one-they-were-waiting-for-because-they-didn’t-have-it-right-yet” child. 🙂




Author: ineverleft4thgrade

Daughter/Wife/Mom/Business Partner/Teacher/Sister/Friend I love to learn and to try new things! Follow me @sroeck319 on Twitter.

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