Read Across America

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss! As in many schools, we have been celebrating Read Across America week. Today the students could wear their pajamas to school, and DEAR time was scheduled. Our principal was supposed to announce DEAR times throughout the day. Well, she forgot so we did it for the afternoon. Oops! Even the teachers were supposed to read a book during this time. I am currently reading Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children: Hollow City. All of my students know that I am reading this book because I posted it to our first Book Shelfie Padlet board at the end of last week. Many of my students seemed to be interested in this series at that time. One of my more reluctant readers even asked me if the book was any good and if I was enjoying it. That conversation stayed with me the rest of the day. It reinforces that students need to see their teachers reading something other than professional books. Often times, I share what I am reading during our Reading Workshop time even if it is an adult book. They enjoy hearing about the plots of the books and genres I read. It often leads to some great conversations.





Author: ineverleft4thgrade

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3 thoughts on “Read Across America”

  1. I love read-aloud time and independent reading. I have a group of 3rd graders this year who love to get lost in their books. Over winter break, I read and loved Echo so even though it is long, I’m reading it aloud to them. They love it!! So glad to hear of another teacher who gets that we ourselves must be readers and models of reading if we want to really teach others how to read!

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