Slice of Life: Day 1

So I have just finished reading the book Amplify by Katie Muhtaris and Kristin Ziemke. I was perusing the Facebook page for the book and noticed that Katie posted about the Slice of Life Challenge. I love the writing challenge idea, but I just never take any challenge to completion. So, anyway, I had to start a blog which had been an idea I had been tossing around anyway. What better reason to start a blog? I get to write every day and get to know other bloggers. I am super excited about that because I love to learn from other teachers and writers.

A little bit about me…I live in a bakery! My students always say that but I really don’t. I live in a house attached to a bakery. My husband and I run the family’s 4th generation bakery – Roeck’s Bakery. It has been in business for over 100 years. Can you imagine the ghosts in this place?? Just kidding, there’s only one ghost that we know of. 🙂  Not only do I teach fourth grade, I also complete all of the daily bookwork that goes along with running this bakery business. Do we love our bakery? Absolutely! We also love all the people we know and the new ones we meet on a daily basis.


Author: ineverleft4thgrade

Daughter/Wife/Mom/Business Partner/Teacher/Sister/Friend I love to learn and to try new things! Follow me @sroeck319 on Twitter.

2 thoughts on “Slice of Life: Day 1”

  1. I started my blog and participated in the March Challenge for the first time three years ago. So glad you are joining this year. Running a bakery—wow. I could really gain some serious poundage doing that.

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  2. Amplify is on my To Buy and Read List!! So glad you decided to join the writing challenge. This is my 3rd year and to spend a month writing daily is transformative!! I look forward to reading future stories – maybe related to the bakery, using tech and hopefully seeing more beautiful images. Love the flower pictures!!

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